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Duu Shen

Overview[edit | edit source]

Wishmere consists of 7 playable characters. Each character in the game has their own unique set of attacks comprising of Normal Attacks , Abilities , Super Arts.

  • Sabson is the world's master magician, once from a life of poverty and trouble. He is Earle's neighbor and best friend since childhood. Sabson is a counter-based character who needs to choose his spots with his vast movelist. If used right, his counters give him to turn the tide easily. Sabson's Edge summons 2 helpers to his side that attack upon order, creating a barrage of offense.
  • Dove is the heart of the team, who gave up her life of privilege to truly experience the world. She is now an magical archer. Dove is a mobile and projectile based character who excels at zoning and lockdown. Her projectiles give her flexibility for mixups. Her Edge places a Node on the screen, which on contact, converts her projectiles into multi-hitting bursts.
  • Earle is the true protagonist of the game. Losing his parents early in his life has set him upon a path of hardship and destiny. Earle has a well rounded arsenal, capable of fighting in every situation. He has scary damage potential in combos. Earle's Edge converts his next attack into a critical hit, amplifying damage and stunning the opponent for a longer duration.
  • Doubt is the antagonist in the game. He is an ancient spirit demon created from dark energy that has been waging war on the world for centuries. He is a master manipulator and thrives in controlling the wills of humans. Doubt is a long ranged character that manipulates the opponent's positioning and has tools to control space. His Edge places an unblockable non-hitstunning puddle placed on the ground for a period of time.
  • Duu Shen is a hot blooded self-proclaimed superstar who loves sports and fighting. He has an intense rivalry with Earle. Duu Shen is an all-offense character with limited range. His quick speed and offense allows him to be in the face of his opponents and stay in their face. His Edge allows his to cancel any of his moves into an 8-way dash to increase pressure or create combo opportunities.
  • Pandy is a snarky vampiric ninja who possesses a cursed sword. With always something to say, Pandy constantly breaks the fourth wall, acknowledging she is in a video game. She has fast attacks, mobility and confusion that allows her to open up her opponents. She can rushdown and flee with ease. Her Edge is a quick teleport to select points on the screen, allowing for instant confusion or getaway.
  • Spritz is a living cyborg with databases spilling with knowledge. He hardly speaks and is viewed as a gentle giant to the team. Spritz is a damaging close ranged grappler, relying on getting extremely close to his opponent to deal damage. He lacks mobility. His Edge creates a temporary shield with limited health around him and boosts his movement speeds and options.

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