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Skills are methods of upgrading basic core capabilities, upgrading or altering the effects of a character's gameplay or moveset. Upgrading Skills is only available in Story Mode, Free Mode and Base of Darkness Mode.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Skills are purchased by using Hope Crystals that are collected during gameplay. Each character has 3 unique Skill Trees, all focusing all different aspect of their moveset. Each Skills Upgrade costs 1 Hope Crystal per upgrade. A Skill can be upgraded up to maximum, which is then referred to as a 'First Class' Skill. The amount of upgrades need to be purchased per Skill in order for it to be 'First Classed' is dependent on the skill.

Character Skills[edit | edit source]

Each character listed includes their name and their 3 Skill Trees.

Earle (Tank, Damage, Team Player)

Dove (Arrowstorm, Precision, Guardian)

Duu Shen (Showtime, Blaze, Awestruck)

Pandy (Blade Hunger, Blood Lust, Deception)

Sabson (Transcended, Mastery, Dark Dimension)

Spritz (Unbreakable, Unchained, Unfaltering)

Doubt (Overlord, Reaper, Dominion)

For information on each character's command list, check out the Characters page.